The Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture (MasAgro) Project promotes the work of
Mexican growers through the support of organizations dedicated to improve agriculture in Mexico. The Mexican Government
and the international scientific community collaborate to enable small and medium scale rainfed growers to
harvest high and stable yields, and to raise their income sustainably.

Descubriendo la Diversidad Genética de la Semilla

Seeds of Discovery

Studies the genetic composition of maize and wheat to identify the natural qualities that make certain seeds or varieties of both grains more tolerant to disease and to the effects of climate change on agriculture.




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International Maize Improvement Consortium for Latin America (IMIC-LA)

Builds capacities of local maize seed producers to develop and to distribute different types of low-cost maize varieties and hybrids for growers with limited resources. Makes state-of-the-art technologies available to seed breeders so that they may, in turn, meet the growers’ demand for improved seed at affordable prices.

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Estrategia Internacional para Aumentar el Rendimiento del Trigo

Wheat Yield Consortium

Adopts a coorinated approach to research at the international level with an aim to raise wheat's yield potential by 50% over the  next 20 years.





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Desarrollo sustentable con el Productor

Take it to the Farmer

Accelerates the integration of all stakeholders in the national agrifood chain through innovation networks, and promotes conservation and precision agriculture to raise the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Mexico's rural sector.



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