Muestra MasAgro resultados positivos para los tres mega ambientes en día de campo sobre tecnología de producción de híbridos en Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Uno de los principales objetivos de la Estrategia Internacional para Aumentar el Rendimiento del Maíz, (IMIC por sus siglas en inglés) del programa MasAgro, es identificar y promover la producción de semilla de calidad de híbridos competitivos de maíz. Por ello, el proyecto estableció parcelas de investigación en tecnología de producción de semilla de distintos híbridos en la localidad “El Cantón” en Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.


SAGARPA and CIMMYT strengthen and link MasAgro to Mexico’s National Crusade against Hunger, and reiterate their commitment to research applied in farmers’ fields

  • SAGARPA and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) are working on renovating and strengthening the Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture (MasAgro) initiative.
  • Mexico’s Agriculture Secretary Enrique Martínez y Martínez stated that the objective is to create better linkages between the two institutions, to avoid effort duplication, and to generate synergies leading to a greater exchange of knowledge and technologies for the benefit of a more productive, sustainable and competitive rural sector.
  • The partners will also seek to replicate MasAgro in 400 municipalities targeted by the Mexican Crusade against Hunger in order to increase the productivity of subsistence maize farmers in a sustainable manner.

The World Food Prize Recognizes Young Agricultural Scientist for Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture as Winner of the 2014 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, Endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation

The third annual award recognizes researchers under 40 who emulate the scientific innovation and dedication to food security demonstrated by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug.

(Washington, D.C.) September 18, 2014 – The World Food Prize announced today that the winner of its award for agricultural leaders under 40 to Dr. Bram Govaerts, a native of Belgium now working from Mexico, for his work developing leading-edge, sustainable programs that are transforming subsistence agriculture and unsustainable farming systems in Mexico and other regions of the world into productive and sustainable production operations. Dr. Govaerts’ collaborative work with farmers has made it possible for smallholders in Mexico and other developing countries to escape hunger and poverty and improve their livelihoods.


Bolivia and CIMMYT Partner to Boost Sustainable Grain Production


MasAgro photoTexcoco, Mexico 10 July 2014 – The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and Bolivia’s Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Innovation (INIAF) signed a scientific collaboration agreement to strengthen food security in the Andean country by developing research and capacity building activities that sustainably increase basic grain production.