MasAgro Maíz

Promotes the sustainable development of both maize grain and seed producers by breeding maize hybrids with conventional technologies and improving native maize seed in collaborative breeding projects with participant farmers. MasAgro’s improved maize seeds are tested in collaboration with the local seed sector that, in turn, commercializes the best adapted materials in Mexico’s growing regions. In 2015, MasAgro Maize’s main results were:

• 16 collaborative breeding trials of native maize were established with participant farmers in eight communities in Oaxaca, southwest Mexico.

Productores participantes del taller de mejoramiento
Farmers participating in the native maize collaborative breeding workshop in Tututepec, Oaxaca.

• 48 small and medium-sized Mexican seed companies collaborated with MasAgro Maize. Together, they produced 1.2 million bags of hybrid maize. (The bags were of 60 thousand seeds or 20kg each.)
Semilleros mexicanos
Mexican seed producers participating in a maize hybrid seed technology production workshop for Mexico’s tropical growing regions.

• Participating companies increased sales of MasAgro hybrid seed by 44 percent from 2014 to 2015.

Representante de Agrcola El Caudillo
A sales representative from Agrícola El Caudillo before a MasAgro hybrid that his company commercializes under the Zapata 8 name.

• Local seed companies sold 26 MasAgro hybrids branded under 100 commercial names in 19 states, 78 regions and 257 municipalities of Mexico.

Maz hbrido subtropical de MasAgro
Subtropical MasAgro hybrid maize adapted to altitudes ranging from 900 to 2,300 meters above sea level.

**MasAgro Maize partners are encouraged to apply for licenses to commercialize CIMMYT maize hybrids, following the procedures described here.